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EMU Mobile Hollow Shaft Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

The EMU flaw detection system is a mobile hollow shaft ultrasonic flaw detector which is able to detect defects on various hollow shafts.

The system is one of the core pieces of EMU maintenance equipment and it is also applicable for rolling stock manufacturing plants and metro transit maintenance workshops.

  • Product Features
  • High Compatibility and Full flaw detection coverage
  • High detecting efficiency and reliable results
  • User-friendly software interface with powerful data management functionality
  • Adopting compression, decompression and asynchronous transmitting transmitting techniques to realize communication, backup, and remote transmission transmission of detection data.
  • Market Performance
  • The Hollow Shaft Ultrasonic Flaw Detector (Model SUN-I) has many independent designed intellectual property components.
  • The φ30mm feeler lever with 7 probes can perform detection from any side of the axle.
  • Market retention rate more than 90%.
  • Servicing in 6 EMU maintenance depots in China.