EMU Oil Monitoring System

The electric multiple unit oil analysis system shall be installed in EMU depots and service stations.

The oil analysis is performed on gearboxes, air compressors, transformers, and bearings. The examination of these samples helps to perform proactive maintenance measures and significantly increases the working lifetime of the components.

  • Product Features
  • Analyzing oil test results and creating statistical models to judge the wear/breakdown rate of certain components. This allows to the replacement of parts before they fail during operation.
  • The EMU inspection system can monitor the lubricating and abrasion status of every vehicle component without the need of extra equipment or outside analysis.
  • The system can store, organize, analyze and diagnose oil test data and generate automated test reports with high accuracy and reliability.
  • Market Performance
  • CHSR has provided the oil monitoring system integration to 4 EMU workshops in China.