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Wheel-set Dimension Measuring System

The Wheel-set Dimension Measuring System is employed by railway maintenance professionals to measure wheel set dimensions, conduct wheel inspection, record maintenance statuses, and determine maintenance items in order to provide data for subsequent maintenance operations.

  • Product Features
  • The automatic system measures wheel dimensions and it is compatible with CRH series and EMUs.
  • The non-contact measurement operation of the device prevents wear on the wheel-set and the equipment itself.
  • With high precision and high resolution. It could provide incredible frequency responses as well as strong anti-interference abilities.
  • Stable and reliable test results due to the QR value test function.
  • Increases adaptability and stability during measurement.
  • The measuring system could operate in various working conditions.
  • Market Performance
  • This is the first wheel dimension measuring system applied in China And servicing in 5 EMU depots in China.