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On-track wheel malfunction detection system

The on-track wheel malfunction detection system is simply installed along the rail track at the entrance of a railway depot or service station. The equipment has the ability to automatically perform inspection on the passing train.

  • Product Features
  • Wheel Flaw Detection System
    The detection system works to automatically identify flaws on the wheels and along the rolling stocks such as circumferential rim cracks, radial cracks, and surface peeling. This prevents major wheel failures during operation.
  • Wheel Dimension Measuring System
    The wheel dimension measuring system makes use of a high-speed camera to capture linear laser images that pass through the wheel-set so as to quickly and precisely measure the dimensions and tread contours.
  • Wheel Tread Abrasion Detection System
    This component of the inspection system is used to detect abrasions on the wheel tread to prevent vibration during operation. Uneven abrasion on the tread can cause further damage over time without repair.
  • Market Performance
  • Applied in more than 20 EMU depots in China and TTCI testing site in the USA