Train Washing Plant

The CHSR train washing plant (TWP) is an outstanding cleaning equipment that removes dust, dirt, grease, and other contaminants from the exterior surface of railway vehicles. The system is fully automatic and it could wash all exterior components of the train with a combination of brushing units and chemical detergents.

  • Product Features
  • Multi-functional washing unit that minimizes labor time and costs.
  • Long life cycle operation with minimal maintenance cost
  • Bi-directional washing technology results in maximum cleaning capabilities.
  • The eco-friendly water recycling and treatment system enables higher water utilization rate.
  • Improved safety with its power failure protection measures.
  • Automated control system to enable quick and efficient cleaning.
  • Real-time display and automatic control throughout the whole cleaning process.
  • Market Performance
  • Market share:
    Conventional speed train: 50%
    Metro: 60%
    EMUs: 90%
  • Installed in 7 high speed EMU depots and over 20 EMU workshops
  • Implemented more than 10 Metro depots in China.
  • More than 3 Low-floor tram depots, 2 Maglev train depots, and 15 Locomotives and passenger train depots is in operation.