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Rolling Stock Inspection and Maintenance System

  • EMU Oil Monitoring System
  • The oil analysis is performed on gearboxes, air compressors, transformers, and bearings. The examination of these samples helps to perform proactive maintenance measures and significantly increases the working lifetime of the components.
  • EMU Bogie Dynamic Load Test Stand
  • The bogie test stand is employed on EMU bogies after maintenance has been performed to conduct dynamic performance testing. It is a suitable alternate of conventional on-track testing, which helps to identify possible bogie assembly defects.
  • EMU Bogie Static Load Test Stand
  • The test stand ensures the quality of the bogie assembly by simulating a loaded bogie. This process verifies different technical indexes according to the standard requirements.
  • Wheel-set Dimension Measuring System
  • The Wheel-set Dimension Measuring System is employed by railway maintenance professionals to measure wheel set dimensions, conduct wheel inspection, record maintenance statuses, and determine maintenance items in order to provide data for subsequent maintenance operations.
  • On-track wheel malfunction detection system
  • The on-track wheel malfunction detection system is simply installed along the rail track at the entrance of a railway depot or service station. The equipment has the ability to automatically perform inspection on the passing train.
  • Train Washing Plant
  • The CHSR train washing plant (TWP) is an outstanding cleaning equipment that removes dust, dirt, grease, and other contaminants from the exterior surface of railway vehicles.
  • EMU Malfunction Dynamic Image Detection System,TEDS-3D
  • The EMU inspection device automatically compares passing images of the same train in order to recognize malfunctions and issue early warnings. The software sends alerts to terminals in depots and railway bureaus as well as the China Railway Corporation.