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Onboard Catenary Status Inspection System (3C)

The onboard catenary inspection system is installed on the operational EMUs or electric Locomotives to perform dynamic catenary detection in full coverage and all weather conditions. The system could record the dynamic data of catenary operation status in real-time and detect the abnormalities of catenary operating status geometric parameters, arcing frequency, arcing duration and temperature. It could decrease the time for fixing the catenary faults of high speed trains and increase the efficiency of railway operation through the fast positioning of catenary faults.

  • Product Features
  • High definition, real-time monitoring of catenary statuses.
  • Precise fault point positioning.
  • Running in atrocious weather conditions and working environments, including snowy mountains capes, deserts, etc.
  • The railway fault detection system is able to precisely identify current catenary working status and formulate maintenance schemes based on the catenary's dynamic geometric parameters, current, and temperature.
  • Market Performance
  • Applied in 19 EMU maintenance depots in China.
  • Accumulated monitoring mileage over 150,000 km.

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