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Catenary Suspending Status Monitoring Device (4C)

The 4C is used for capturing images of catenary suspension components with high speed and collecting the data within these images to store and analyze them to identify defects in the components. Loose or cracking components can be quickly dealt through the early detecting of this monitoring device.

  • Product Features
  • Precise Positioning Technology
    The imaging capture tolerance is less than 20mm, providing high positional accuracy and precision.
  • Integrated Ultra-even Light Source Technology
    The dynamic catenary monitoring system allows for highly consistent imaging with grey values of each capture. This guarantees that the malfunction analysis is not affected by ambient light sources.
  • High Definition Image Capture
    The system is equipped with high-definition cameras to capture the catenary suspension components and notice the finest details.
  • Automatic Image Recognition Technology
    The monitoring device performs automatic recognition of pole numbers and analysis to provide the earliest possible warning for critical parts and maximize safety and working efficiency.
  • Catenary Geometric Parameter Continuous Measurement
    The monitoring device accurately measures the catenary height, gradient, height differential, lateral deviation and lateral distance. The compared differences can indicate whether the system requires repairs or not.
  • Artificial Intelligence Technology
    The artificial intelligence is used in the detection system.This information allows users to make decisions based on collected data such as upgrades and identify necessary repairs.
  • Market Performance
    Applied in 6 regional railway bureaus in China.

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