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Pantograph Dynamic Inspection Systems (5C)

The 5C system is driven by its image identification equipment and software. It is used for capturing images of rail transit pantograph and transmitting the data in real time. This allows users to monitor the roof of the vehicles as well as identify the potential defects or faults.

  • Product Features
  • The imaging systems binocular visual calibration is highly precise and requires less dependency on external factors.
  • It can automatically image and report roof equipment status and effectively prevent failures by image comparison techniques.
  • It monitors key roof components, including pantograph, carbon slide and ultrahigh voltage equipment.
  • The system features a modular design with integrated systems and components for simple installation and maintenance.
  • Market Performance
  • 5C is able to perform in all weather conditions and it is the critical product on the pantograph detection system market.
  • The system has successfully passed the evaluation of the China Railway Corporation and has been applied by 2 railway bureaus in China.

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