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Computer-Based Interlocking System

The computer-based interlocking system designed and produced by CHSR is an intelligent signal control system which adopts advanced communication and control technology to ensure that the signaling on the railway is perfectly accurate.

  • Product Features
  • The central interlocking processor uses a 2x2oo2 redundant configuration with high-level safety and reliability features built in.
  • The data acquisition and relay control use the same redundancy measures to provide maximum safety from the interlocking computation channel and motion collection channel.
  • The communications network utilizes a dual optical local network between the interlocking and data acquisition unit for high stability and accuracy in transmission.
  • An independent power isolation unit is used to remove the risk of faulty relay movement.
  • The railway signal system adopts flexible configuration with centralized and distributed modes available during operation.
  • Market Performance
  • Our railway signal interlocking system has been applied in over 2000 railway stations nationwide.

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