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GFJX-100 Steel Rail Welding Seam CNC Milling Machine Tool

The steel rail welded joints CNC milling machine is a fully automated equipment that is specially designed for railroad maintenance systems. It is mainly used to process working sides and surface of welded rail.

  • Product Features
  • The milling unit is designed for profile milling in multi-directional tread surfaces on long rails with lengths ranging from 300mm to 1000mm.
  • Adjustable processing deviation allowances: 0.03mm, 0.05mm, 0.1mm, 0.15mm and 0.2mm
  • The weld beading is smoothly machined.
  • The curve of the rail shall maintain its longitudinal straightness according to China Railway Corp regulations.
  • No manual processing is required after milling.
  • The cutting blade is highly durable and performs for extended periods of use.
  • The blade is highly rigid to avoid relieving.
  • Dual rotary table indexing provides two AC servomotor control systems for highly accurate indexing and intelligent operation.
  • Pre-processing and post-processing operations will ensure accuracy.
  • The inspection results can be transmitted, stored, and printed.
  • Marketing Performance
  • The milling machine shares 60% of the Chinese market in terms of rail repair units.