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Rail Welding Seam Milling and Cutting Center (Model GFJZ-50)

The GFJZ-50 is designed to provide automatic measuring and cross section processing on welded rails. The data collected during operation helps provide precise measurements and movement and ensure smooth and accurate processing.

  • Product Features
  • The high efficiency milling process is upgraded comparing to conventional grinding processes.
  • The machining center utilizes dual channel CNC and dual processing centers for its high precision milling unit.
  • The welded section of rail is measured by the integrated online inspection system.
  • The automated working procedures provide highly accurate blade movements and smooth transitions from processed to unprocessed surfaces.
  • Equipped with profile cutters.
  • Cam index circular tool enables quick and easy cutter replacement.
  • Flexible processing for misaligned and damaged rails.
  • Utilizing different cutter and software configurations, the cross section processing equipment can operate on rails from 50kg, 60kg, to 75kg.
  • The welding base management system produces real-time data uploading.
  • The machine can produce seamless welds with highly accurate flaw detection.
  • Marketing Performance
  • The machining center has made up for the inherent defects of traditional welding technique and contributes to improved flaw detection accuracy. It has obtained 30% market share in the industry.