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Rail Derusting Machine, GQCX-220

Rail derusting machine (Model GQCX-220) is mainly used for pre-welding rail rust removal in the rail welding base. It uses abrasive belt to de-rust the top & bottom section of the rail,, and cut shaped wire brushes to derust the cross section of the rail. The system is able to allocate derusting position precisely; and the accurate control of the system is achieved by adjusting derusting time and pressure.

  • Product Features
  • The rail rust removing machine makes use of abrasive belts along with cup shaped wire brushes to effectively remove surface rust from rails.
  • The reliability and accuracy are due to gray bus positioning technology.
  • The symmetrical scissor shaped structure, swing mechanism, abrasive belt and deviation adjustment mechanism provide incredible precision for rust removal at various depths and widths.
  • One-button automatic control and manual control functionality.
  • Real time monitoring during all stages of operation for quick and effective adjustment.
  • Market Performance
  • Applied in 4 railway bureaus and rail welding factories in China.
  • Technical Parameters
  • Diameter of cup shaped wire brushes: 180mm
  • Bandwidth of abrasive belt: 220mm ±2mm
  • Rail top derusting width: 30mm~60mm
  • Rail bottom derusting width: 30mm~150mm
  • Overall moving distance: 1800mm
  • Maximum moving speed: 0.15m/s
  • Power: 31.5kW Power supply: 380V±38V, 50Hz