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Automatic Rail Welding Seam Flaw Detector

The automatic rail welded joint ultrasonic flaw detector is applicable for the production line of 500m long rail-welding bases. The equipment is able to detect flaws using 5 methods that cover all of the relevant components. It can perform full section ultrasonic scanning and detection for welding seams automatically.

  • Product Features
  • The automatic rail flaw detector adopts advanced multi-channel technology for rail welding seam flaw detection.
  • Operating time takes less than 2 minutes to detect any problematic flaws in the rail weld seam.
  • Type B display for flaw estimation.
  • Fully retraceable detection with a data playback function for careful analysis.
  • The machine is equipped with an online rail welding seem detection unit to provide seamless connection with the rail production and transfer line.
  • Automatic positioning and auto-coupling are utilized to achieve maximum precision during operation.
  • 5 different flaw detection methods are used to cover all relevant flaw possibilities.
  • Market Performance
  • Wuhan Rail-Welding Plant has purchased this product.
  • Technical Parameters
  • Detection channel: 52 channels
  • Probe working mode: one transmits and one receives, single transmit and single receive
  • Amplifier bandwidth: 0.5 MHz~10 MHz
  • Digital sampling frequency: 100 MHz
  • Repetition frequency: each channel 500Hz
  • Total attenuator: ≥80 dB
  • Attenuation relative error: ≤1 dB (each 12dB)
  • Sensitivity margin: ≥50 dB (2.5 MHz longitudinal wave)
  • Resolution: ≥30 dB (2.5 MHz longitudinal wave)
  • Vertical linearity error: 4 %
  • Dynamic range: ≥28 dB
  • Horizontal linearity error: ≤1 %
  • Power: 2 kW