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Synchronous Positioning and Control System for Long Rail

The system is made up of 32 gantry cranes that are synchronized for high precision positioning and centralized operation. The equipment can load, unload and move 300-meter or 500-meter long rails after they have been welded. Using the centralized control system, the rail construction machine could move the rails without producing strain on the steel.

  • Product Features
  • A special sling and sensor are installed for automatic rail support in case of emergency or accidental release.
  • The operation can be started with a single press of a button.
  • The track building equipment features gray bus detection technology, providing it with outstanding positioning.
  • Every control panel is equipped with an emergency stop function that will immediately stop all production. This protects the workers and equipment from damage.
  • Market Performance
  • 10 Railway Bureau’s rail welding plants have purchased and installed this product.
  • Technical Parameters
  • Environment temperature: -40~+80, relative humidity ≤85%
  • Location detection accuracy: ± 5mm, horizontal position precision: ±10mm
  • Vertical position tolerance: less than ±15mm
  • Horizontal running speed: 0~15M/min
  • Lifting speed: 8 m/min
  • Control mode: computer program control; one key switch function of single and multi-machine control
  • Synchronization error in multi-crane simultaneous operation: ± 30mm
  • Complete cycle of rail lifting and releasing: about 3 minutes