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Permanent Way Maintenance Equipment

  • Rail Derusting Machine, GQCX-220
  • The GQCX-220 machine is designed for the removal of surface rusts from rail welding bases. It is automated and adopts gray bus technology to detect and remove all rusts it finds out.
  • Automatic Rail Loading Device (Model LDPY-100)
  • The LDPY-100 is used during the process of railway construction to load and transport rails. The equipment performs raw material feeding of 15m~100m rails. The rail loading of two production lines can be done by one single operator.
  • Automatic Rail Welding Seam Flaw Detector
  • The equipment is able to detect flaws using 5 methods that cover all of the relevant components. It can perform full section ultrasonic scanning and detection for welding seams automatically.
  • Synchronous Positioning and Control System for Long Rail
  • The equipment can load, unload and move 300-meter or 500-meter long rails after they have been welded. Using the centralized control system, the rail construction machine could move the rails without producing strain on the steel.