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Overall Maintenance Solution for EMU

The solution provides a complete set of techniques and technology to cover 7 major maintenance workshops of EMU bogie maintenance bases. It satisfies the technical requirement of CRH2 ,,CRH3 and CRH5 model EMU maintenance operation procedure. CHSR has provided solutions for 7 EMU maintenance bases in China

It applies to the maintenance operation procedure of various models of EMU trains.

Core Maintenance Lines
  • Bogie frame maintenance line
  • Bogie assembly—disassembly line and testing system
  • Wheel and axle assembly—disassembly line and testing system
  • Axle maintenance line
  • Wheel maintenance system
  • Data based maintenance management
  • Developed equipment configuration and industrial design.
  • Providing level 3, level 4 and level 5 overhaul maintenance for EMU trains

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