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Overall Maintenance Solution for Locomotive and Rolling Stocks

The solution meets the requirement of locomotive and rolling stocks maintenance. The highly efficient maintenance lines are fully integrated with sophisticated logistics and information system. Its designed capability enables the line to provide maintenance to 1,400 locomotives. CHSR has successfully provided maintenance solutions for 7 Locomotive maintenance bases all over China.

Core Lines
  • Bogie disassembly production line
  • Frame inspection and maintenance production line
  • Bogie assembly line
  • Wheel-set and axle disassembly production line
  • Axle inspection line
  • Wheel-set inspection and maintenance production line
  • Wheel-set and axle assembly testing line
  • Meet the requirement of two six-year maintenance programs for different models of high power electric locomotives.
  • The developed 3-D electronic prototyping, computer finite element analysis, components stress and strain analysis, maintenance line mechatronics technology, etc
  • Daily maintenance capacity for over 10 locomotives.
  • Suitable for 2-year wheel-set maintenance of all models of Hexie high power locomotives.
  • Capable for the intermediate maintenance of model-SS4 electric locomotive, and medium maintenance of model SS1 and 8G electric locomotive.

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