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Company Strength
  • Design and Consulting Capability
  • Our consultation and design services are just some of the things that set us apart from our competition. As a developer of a comprehensive list of railway maintenance equipment and professional grade railway inspection systems, we have experienced experts that can provide highly customized solutions to fit your needs. We have incredible technical capacity and have developed a way to enhance the design process instead of building a simple model. In our intelligent rail maintenance facility, you can put on AR smart glasses and experience the railway transit simulation platform. It gives the customers a chance to experience the finished product in3D before construction even begins. Technology is our biggest asset and we utilize our patented industrial internet system and big data marketing platform to maximize our business opportunities.
  • Metro Maintenance Bases Building Capability
  • We produce metro maintenance bases starting with a 3D modeling simulation. All of the planning, design, construction and application data are shared with our clients.
  • System Integration Capability
  • CHSR railway maintenance systems integrate technology, equipment, data analysis, and comprehensive technical service in order to provide you a most thorough train inspection processes. Our setups almost cover everything including assembly/disassembly, cleaning, measurement, flaw detection, and storage of equipment. The most important aspect of the entire system is our advanced data analysis software that collects and transmits the working condition of the train equipment for real time monitoring.
  • Signal System Integration Capability
  • Signal systems are vital components of railway networks. They provide safety and maximize efficiency during operation. An urban traffic signal control system is made up of an interlocking control system, centralized signal monitoring system, balises, train controls, and a railroad CTC system. The intelligent control system is fairly simple to operate with proper training even in the most complex networks due to its high level of automation.
  • Rail Traction System Integration Capability
  • Guangzhou Shentie Traction Equipment Co., Ltd is a holding company controlled by CHSR and specialize in the development of solutions for train traction chains as well as mechanical and electrical components. They also focus on the software development for traction converters and train control monitoring systems (TCMS).
  • Big Data Platform Building Capability
  • The big data collection system used by CHSR allows for the analysis of all relevant railway data so that inspectors can make maintenance decisions based on automatically generated reports. It makes way for efficiency improvements and cost reduction for such instances as vehicle removal during low traffic periods. It also helps to extend the working lifetime of certain train components and can minimize the amount of maintenance over time.
  • Multiple-Line Maintenance System Integration Capability
  • Our regional rail transit maintenance centers help users by providing maintenance service for multiple lines in small or medium sized city networks. Services we provide:
    a. Maintenance service for subway trains, trams, as well as other rail vehicles, and core parts like converters
    b. Steel rail flaw detection, welding, and milling
    c. Signal equipment and system maintenance
    d. Power supply system detection

Please contact us for any information about our products and services:
China High--Speed Railway Technology Co., Ltd.

Add.: 16th Floor, Zhongkun Plaza, No.59, Gaoliangqiao Byway, Haidian District, Beijing, China
Fax: +86-10-56500565
E-mail: inquiry@shenzhou-gaotie.com