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Expert Team
  • Vice President in Train Washing Equipment Department, Yang Yicong

    Yang Yicong, our vice president of the train washing equipment department has more than 10 years of experience in railway maintenance and train cleaning. Achievements: The development of train washing equipment; a wheel and shaft measurement device; intelligent matching system; rail derusting machine; several patents; second prize for innovation awarded by the China Quality Evaluation Association; Bureau-level appraisal expert in train washing machines, detergents, and maglev bogies.

  • NDT Technology Department General Manager, Tan Ying

    Tan Ying, general manager of the NDT department, has been working on the research of the LWCZT series shaft ultrasonic flaw detection device, rim ultrasonic flaw detection device, CRH series EMU hollow shaft flaw detection device, and online mobile rim detection device. Since 1995, he has participated in drafting technical management files for China Railway systems over 10 times. He has trained over 200 groups of technicians on nondestructive testing techniques. He has earned the qualifications of China's Non-Destructive Test Association (Ⅲ), MT Ⅲ, UTⅢ, and is a member of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society and the Chinese Society for Nondestructive Testing.

  • Chief Engineer, Jiang Huisheng

    Jiang Huisheng is the chief engineer of Wuhan Lide Measuring & Control Technology Co., Ltd. His expertise has led to the design of outstanding rail weld rough milling machines, rail weld finish milling machines, and rail heat treatment equipment. Each of these products has seen outstanding reviews from the China Railway department and other experts in the industry.

  • Ma Jun

    Ma Jun has put rich software development experience to work in the process of designing embedded software for 8 years.
    1. Designing and commissioning embedded software for the TEDS project
    2. Designing and commissioning embedded software for the TVDS/LEDS program
    3. Designing embedded software for the EMU intelligent inspection system
    4. Responsible for the management, hardware developing and testing of the operation quality evaluation system as a manager
    5. Responsible for the management, hardware developing, and testing of the railway alarming system

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