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Image Detection and Inspection Technology
  • EMU Fault Dynamic Image Detection System (TEDS)
  • This imaging system makes use of cameras fixed to the rails to collect and transmit images of the EMU underside, side panels, connection device, and bogie in order to automatically detect errors.
  • Image Inspection System of Rail Transit Along the Tracks(TVDS)
  • The Image Inspection System analyzes the entire exterior of the vehicle, performing quick and highly precise error detection. All data is reported in real time, allowing for the user to monitor operation for quick response times in case of repair.
  • Catenary Suspended Status Monitoring Device (4C)
  • This device is mounted on the catenary or other rail vehicles to detect the contact type suspension, insulating components, line switches, auxiliary cables, cross lines, clamps, and positioning devices automatically without contact.
  • Onboard Catenary Inspection System (3C)
  • The onboard catenary inspection system is mounted on top of high-speed trains, or other railway vehicles to record the catenary status in real time. The unit is designed to detect deformation, abnormal arcing, catenary parameters, and pantograph height and temperatures. The system enhances metro rail safety by immediately identifying issues and reporting them.
  • Catenary Status Inspection Device (2C)
  • The catenary status inspection device is designed to be installed on the driver station of EMU or locomotives for temporary collection of catenary images. The HD images are stored and then analyzed to identify any abnormalities in the catenary suspended region.

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