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Company Profile

High-speed train has become one of the fastest and most popular forms of transportation in the world. China leads the way with 22,000 kilometers (14,000 miles) of high-speed railways and is extending rapidly. Thanks to China High-Speed Railway Technology Co., Ltd(CHSR), maintaining these railway systems is a challenge but not an impossible task.

We are a Chinese railway transit maintenance solutions provider with years of experience on some of the largest and most complex railway systems in the world. We specialize in the production of train and track inspection equipment for transit organizations such as railway bureaus, EMU maintenance bases, EMU depots, and traction power supply depots.

When it comes to the railway maintenance in China, no other company has such a expansive catalogue of products and services as much as CHSR. After more than 20 years of experience in the railway safety sector, CHSR has been a go-to source of systematic inspection solutions for metropolitan transit bases in 26 cities. We have made significant contributions to the maintenance systems of high and medium speed maglev trains in Beijing and Changsha, and have produced a signal system integrated solution for the Beijing Subway Line 15. The Chinese railway industry has been undergoing development at a rapid pace and CHSR has made significant contributions to this unprecedented growth.

Nowadays, CHSR has a catalogue of over 400 different products for railway transit industry, including EMU and high-speed railway systems.