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Rail Processing and Inspection Technology
  • Railway Security Inspection Equipment
  • Railway security inspection equipment is one of the initial and most important stages of the railway monitoring system as it can quickly analyze and report rail conditions by advanced technology. The equipment includes an overload monitoring device, rail weighbridge, monitoring unit, rail measurement device etc.
  • Rail Welding and Maintenance Equipment
  • After any defects are detected, it is of the utmost importance that they be remedied as quickly as possible. Our rail welding and maintenance equipment is designed to be quickly deployed and effectively fix any problems that arise in high-speed rail components.
  • Rail Positioning and Management System
  • Our rail positioning and management equipment is a multipurpose system that is not only vital in the operation of transportation railways but also in ports, steel factories and other locations that use any sort of railway network. The patented gray bus detection technology makes the process of monitoring rail networks more reliable, adaptive, and easier to manage.

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