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Strength in Railway Flaw Detection, Train Washing and Maintenance
  • Hollow Shaft Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
  • The hollow shaft ultrasonic flaw detector designed by CHSR is applicable for the inspection of defects on the interior or exterior of shaft components or rail vehicles, such as EMUs, high-powered locomotives and metro rail units. The detector is screw driven and adopts transverse waves, longitudinal waves, creeping waves and other waveforms to precisely recognize any potential defects to be repaired. The flaw detector is an extremely important piece of rail vehicle inspection equipment and it detects hollow shafts with a diameter from 30mm to 110mm.
  • Train Wash Plant
  • The CHSR train wash plant is designed to quickly and effectively clean all sorts of rail vehicles. It is necessary in the inspection of trains, as it uses its high-quality brushes and advanced water recycling process and real-time monitoring system, which ensures the cleanness and safety of the trains.
  • Train Inspection System with Big Data
  • The big data driven train inspection system manages to collect and store train data in real time. This data can be used for analysis in order to provide maximum operating and maintenance efficiency for train systems.
  • System Integration
  • System integration is one of the biggest strengths among our various railway technologies. Railway maintenance systems are vastly improved by adopting CHSR components such as process layout, process simulation, data collection, management and cloud data analysis. These systems are integrated to help the end users build a highly efficient and intelligent system for railway management whether it is for production or maintenance.
  • Oil Monitoring System of Rail Transit
  • The CHSR oil monitoring system is designed to monitor the oil consumption of core parts in high-speed rail lines, standard locomotives and metro rail systems. The analysis covers various parts, such as gearboxes, transformers, air compressors, and bearings. The system is composed of software and hardware that cover many different factors including oil detection, friction, mechanical structure, and optics. These systems have been widely used in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Xi'an Railway Bureaus.

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